Valentine’s Day Present

A lovely Valentine’s Day present from my girl, incorporating several of my earlier poems.  The lines in italics were added by miss to tie the poems together…

I have no soul
that isn’t in these eyes
these fingertips

there is a curl in your smile
that can erase boundaries

resting my eyes I begin to know her by touch

with every stroke the rime of winter’s salt brushes o

far, far
beyond the curtain’s edge

now, my love, and now and now.


First world problems…

bad wireless signal
for three whole stops on the train
and those are long stops

the thousand unseen changes
that make winter into spring

Weeds or Wildflowers

waking up
to the movement of my cock
between her legs

she slips on those
purple leopard-print panties

our waitress’ name
written on the check
in lipstick

by the roadside
weeds or wildflowers?

fog on the window
a woman’s heel

she walks away from me
each step is mine